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About FreeMerchantAccounts.com

Todd Hatch Chicago BusinessOpportunity.com UanaGrowth.comFree merchant accounts was created by Todd Hatch, an industry veteran who has been in the credit card processing industry since 1995.  Todd started as an outside sales agent calling on local businesses offering payment terminals and software to local businesses.  Todd eventually set up an office in downtown Chicago with his business partner, Michael Lauria.  Todd and Mike worked together successfully for several years, first becoming an ISO for Concord, then a sub-ISO for EVO, then onto become a wholesale ISO for First Data.  As a wholesale ISO, Todd helped with marketing, underwriting and customer support.

The ISO helped over 50,000 small businesses obtain merchant services.  Then, in 2009, the ISO was sold and Todd has since gone on to become an advocate for small businesses who are new to payments and need help navigating the ins and outs of merchant services and all things payment processing.  Todd went on to start BusinessOpportunity.com and helps business opportunity and franchise sellers market their opportunities.

Our mission is to assist merchants in finding the very best merchant account providers which offer the ideal processing solutions, with great rates and service.

Still today our main focus is centered around providing merchants with free credit card processing hardware and software. We are entrepreneurs like you and like when you succeed.

If you are starting a new business, or are looking to upgrade your existing processing solution, FreeMerchantAccounts.com has a wide variety of free solutions available to you through our partnerships with multiple processors – domestic and offshore.

FreeMerchantAccounts.com is located in Chicago, IL.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to help merchants locate the very best credit card processing companies – providers that offer the most cost effective – and reliable – merchant account solutions, whether for retail or web-based businesses.

    We want to become your long term processing partner. With our wide and ever expanding range of free credit card machines as well as internet merchant account solutions, we’ll always be able to meet the needs of your business as it grows and evolves.

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