Best ACH Solution for High Risk Business

The Best ACH solution for high risk business

Are you looking for the latest and best ACH solution for high risk business? Are you worried about personal credit or type of business and getting approved for an account?  We have partnered with the company offering the most robust ACH/electronic check processing solution available today.  You can accept checks over the phone, even direct from the order form on your website.  Same day funding is available and the rates are cheaper than accepting credit cards.  Our specialty is high risk, but all types of businesses will benefit from this ACH payment solution.  Give us a call today to discuss:  1-855-246-8640.

The majority of businesses in operation accept credit card payments.  In addition to credit card payments, a whopping 90% of corporations in the US and Canada say they still also accept checks.  What is the biggest problem with accepting checks?  For us, it has always been checking the mailbox daily, not knowing when the check will arrive.  Why wait?  Why waste this time?  With new technology, it is very easy to accept checks right over the telephone, e-mail or the internet.

It is super easy – our secure e-check ACH payment gateway will verify if a check is valid and process the ACH transaction the same way you would process a credit card transaction.  You will never again have to wait for a check to arrive.  We will deposit the funds from the check directly into your bank account.

Our clearing system will allow your company the access to thousands of participating banks to verify if the checking account is open, active and in a positive balance position.  You will also have access to the negative data from account history to verify whether an account has had regular problems in the past.  This whole verification takes less than a second while the check transaction is being processed!

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Since 1995, we have helped companies like yours speed up their cash flow.  Our ACH service for high risk business is the best in the industry is now servicing the world.  Our service is available in the U.S., Canada, India and elsewhere.  Give us a try today, you will be amazed by our processing speed and award-winning customer service.  We will approve ALL HIGH RISK MERCHANTS.  If you have been turned down for a merchant account, you can still sign up for an ACH account and begin processing transactions today!  Get your money fast!  Instant approval and processing.

ACH-E-Check processing made easy.

How It Works:

1. Receive check information from your Customer.  Either via telephone, Fax or face-to-face.

2. Enter the information into the Secure Online Gateway

3. OR… Your customer enters the information on your website

4. We verify check validity by with out national check databases

5. If Approved, we process the check and deposit funds directly into your bank account.

Need to process a Check by Fax?

Not only do we offer you the ability to take a check by phone, receiving a faxed copy is not only ok, but probably better – it adds verification of the numbers on the check.

Receiving an electronic check via Fax is legal and binding in the United States. Have your client fax a real check to you and we will deposit into your account the same day!

Call us today and start accepting electronic checks today.  The cost to accept an ACH transaction is significantly cheaper than accepting credit card payments.  This will save you money!  Again, this is best ACH solution for high risk business – and all business types.

ACH solution for high risk business:

  • Airlines
  • New and Used Cars
  • Bankruptcy attorneys
  • Calling Cards
  • Casino, Gambling or Gaming
  • Cigarette or e-cig or Vape Sales
  • Coins and other Collectibles
  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Coupons or Rewards-Points Program
  • Credit or Debt Repair
  • Credit Counseling and Protection
  • Discount Health – Medical Care Programs
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Extended Warranty Companies
  • Ticket Brokers/Sales
  • High Average Tickets
  • Horoscopes, Astrology or Psychic Services (i.e. fortune tellers)
  • Life Coaching
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Magazine Sales and Subscriptions
  • Mail/Phone Order Business – any type
  • MLM Companies
  • Merchants with less than perfect credit
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pre-Paid Annual Contracts
  • SEO Services/Recurring
  • Talent Agencies
  • Telemarketing Services – Inbound and Outbound
  • Telephone Companies
  • Vacation Rentals/Time Shares
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies and Clubs
  • Vacation Planners
  • Extended Warranty Companies

If you do not see your business-type on the list, we will still be able to help you. The set up is quick and easy for the best ACH solution for high risk business.  Give us a call:  1-855-246-8640, or fill out our easy contact form and a consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

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Magazine Subscription Merchant Account Services

Magazine Subscription Merchant Account

During our 20 years in the payments business, the owners of (FMA) have had the privilege of providing magazine subscription merchant account services to dozens of businesses.  We have worked with successful business owners who either sell magazine subscriptions for their own publications, or they are brokers, selling subscriptions for other magazine publishers.  We have easy-to-use merchant account solutions for single users or for phone-room environments.  We understand the risk involved and are here to help you succeed in this competitive environment.

After helping many magazine subscription companies establish their own merchant accounts, we started to receive referrals – because merchant account companies and processing banks have classified magazine sales and annual subscriptions as “high risk” businesses.  Our subscription clients have been great clients, so we invested the time and energy to find the right domestic and offshore partners who not only provide reasonable merchant accounts for subscription-based businesses, but are happy to do so.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today and let us help you with all of your processing needs: 1-855-246-8640 or simply:

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Payment Gateways for Monthly Recurring ACH or Credit Card Payments

We have  magazine subscription payment gateway solutions for processing credit card payments and ACH payments.  If you sell on an annual subscription basis, both payment gateways have recurring billing options so you can set the payment to run every month and not worry about it again.  You will be notified via email when each monthly recurring transaction is run and if it is not successful, you will be notified that the payment has been declined and will be notified of the issue with the credit card or ACH payment on file from your payment gateway.  You will be able to process transactions from all major credit cards and also have the ability to run ACH/E-Check transactions.  The ACH/E-Check option will deduct the payments directly from your customers’ checking accounts – either one-time or on a monthly basis.  Accepting payments via ACH will cost less and there is even an upgrade to receive funds the same day you receive the account information from your customer – very fast!

Multi-User and Payment Gateway Reporting

If you have multiple people in your office processing subscription Merchant Account or ACH payments for sales, you can assign each of them an individual login so you can track their activity throughout the day and throughout the month.  Using the online reporting system, you will have the ability to view today’s transactions, week-to-date, last month or whatever period you choose.  All transactions are saved and available to view and you can even drill down to view transactions by user.

The payment gateway also performs AVS and CID verification for additional security against unauthorized use or fraud transactions.  You will be assured that the person who is authorizing the use of the credit card is the actual cardholder. has the best rates, the best processing partners and, when you call, we actually know what we are talking about when it comes to merchant account services for magazine subscription sales.  We are experienced in:

  • Annual or Monthly Magazine Subscriptions
  • Annual Contracts
  • Monthly Billing
  • Payment Gateway Recurring Billing
  • ACH Monthly/Recurring Billing
  • High Risk Merchant Accounts
  • Integrate with QuickBooks
  • Chargeback Management/Reduction

Give us a call today at 1-855-246-8640, or fill out the form and one of our consultants will contact you.

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Tech Support Merchant Account Approvals

At, we have been providing PC and Tech support merchant account services for 20 years. We have helped US, Canada, and India-based PC tech support companies obtain merchant account services and payment gateways. We work with US-based banks, Canada-based banks and have several offshore banking options for tech support merchant accounts.  Call us today and we will help you:  1-855-246-8640.

We work with our tech support clients to assure they are able to keep their chargeback levels in line and do not run into any problems with the processor. We also offer chargeback protection, which notifies the merchant of a pending chargeback prior to it becoming a chargeback. This will help your tech support stay in business and allow you to focus on growing your business, not the hassles which can arise with some merchant processing companies.

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Tech support merchant account specialists

Our rates are very competitive and we will quickly get your account through underwriting so you are not waiting weeks for a response on your merchant account. This is our specialty. Our payment gateways and processing solutions are easy to use and we will get your transactions deposited into your checking account quickly. If you are currently processing and need a back-up account or additional volume, call us today, we will be able to get you up and processing with a new tech support merchant account.

You can process in any currency you choose and deposit funds in any currency you choose. Along with our tech support merchant account services, we also offer the latest payment gateways which are PCI compliant and will work with almost any shopping cart.

Let our professional sales consultants and expert underwriting team help to find the best merchant account service for your tech support company. Don’t wait – Call us today: 1-855-246-8640.


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Online Tobacco Cigarettes Merchant Account Services

A Great Solution for your Online Cigarettes sales Merchant Account Payment Gateway (FMA) offers online cigarettes merchant account services along with website and retail tobacco stores, premium cigars, marijuana, e-cigs and accessories. We have helped dozens of merchants like you find the best online or retail processing solution for your business. Not only can we establish your online cigarette merchant account at the best possible rates for the tobacco industry, we also offer online ACH processing.  Give us a call today:  1-855-246-8640.

We realize that with each passing day, a tobacco merchant account gets harder to obtain, and you are normally paying much higher rates than you thought you would. With FMA, our banks realize the struggles you face and have committed to being partners and helping you to not only stay in businesses, but to grow your business.

There are still a couple of hoops to go through to make sure you are adhering to industry guidelines established in order to prevent the sale to tobacco to minors and make sure you are abiding state and federal laws. We do not consider this a “high risk” merchant account, but instead, a controlled industry which can be navigated easily if the tobacco business chooses to work with an experienced credit card processor.

The majority of business owners we have helped in this industry have been experienced in the industry and have been operating a local retail store, most likely on a Reservation. When they want to expand their business, we have helped them with the merchant account processing and ACH processing services which to help them expand nationwide and grow their businesses.

All Tobacco and Cigarette Merchant Account Payment Gateways and Merchant Account Terminals are Free!

When you sign up for your merchant account, our consultant will discuss what is the best merchant account solution for your business – whether a merchant account terminal or POS system for your retail store, a payment gateway for your website, or a combination of both. All of our terminals are EMV and NFC compliant.  EMV is the technology which allows the terminal to read the chip in the card vs. the magnetic stripe – reducing the chance of fraud.  NFC is what allows your terminal to accept payments Like ApplePay and other payments using smartphone apps.

The best thing:  No matter which option you choose, you will have no up-front costs – application fees or  equipment fees.  Once you are approved for your account for online cigarettes sales merchant account, we will ship your equipment free of charge!  Call today:  1-855-246-8640!

We specialize in providing merchant account services to several tobacco-related businesses:

  • Online and Retail Tobacco and Cigarette Stores
  • E-Cig, Smoke, Pipe and Accessory Websites and Retail Stores
  • Legal Medical and Recreational Marijuana businesses
  • Best ACH service in the industry – this will save you money!
  • We offer free terminals, free payment gateways and free set-up.

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Auto Dealership Merchant Account Services & Car Lots

Auto Dealership Merchant Account

Do you own an auto dealership or new/used car lot and are still putting off becoming EMV/NFC compliant with your auto dealership merchant account equipment?  We are working with all of the major Dealer Management Software providers to integrate the chip-reader terminals into your dealer management system.  You will save on rates and finally get rid of your payment gateway fees.  Our team will help you map out a plan for your whole facility and help you through the whole upgrade transition.  We will save you money on your rates and make your business compliant with new EMV requirements.    Give us a call:  1-855-246-8640.

It will cost you nothing to switch over and you will save 10%-50% on your fees in the process. (FMA) is ready to help your new and used auto dealerships get great processing solutions, rates, and service.  Contact our experienced team today to discuss our solutions for your auto dealership merchant account.

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Guns and Ammunition Merchant Account Services

Guns and Ammunition Merchant Accounts

We are a leading provider of guns and ammunition merchant account services.  We have an easy application process, fast approvals, great rates and service.  Best of all, it will cost you nothing for your processing equipment. We specialize in retail firearm sales along with online firearms websites.  We know the legal routine when it comes to ordering firearms over the internet.  Give us a call today:  1-855-246-8640.

You will choose from multiple free merchant account terminals, POS machines or a payment gateway for your firearms business.  All of our terminals and EMV and NFC compatible.  EMV is now required to reduce fraud by reading the chip in the card instead of the magnetic stripe.  NFC means your customers will be able to waive their smartphones over your terminal and pay with ApplePay, GooglePay or other NFC technology.  If you have a storefront and a firearms website, we can help with retail and internet gun sales merchant accounts.  All of our equipment is free and so is the sign-up process.Guns and Ammunition Merchant Account

With over 20 years of experience in helping small-to-medium-sized businesses with their payment solutions, the owners of (FMA) assist merchants globally with their credit card processing requirements.   While most merchant account providers may turn away business selling firearms, we are happy to help and will provide service with a smile.  We have invested the time to find the best banks and processors who understand your business and are on your side.

With the implementation of the strict gun control laws, finding a guns and ammunition merchant account is tougher than ever. There are instances where many guns and firearms stores who have been in business for years who are having their merchant accounts closed due to their banks changing policies and tightening underwriting restrictions.

Please call or send us your information via the contact form to receive more information on free EMV and NFC terminals for a custom guns and ammunition merchant account for your website or retail location.  1-855-246-8640

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