Offshore Gambling Merchant Account Services

Are you operating or are in the process of starting a gaming business website or online gambling website? (FMA) has been providing merchant account services for businesses of all types and sizes, including high risk industries and offshore gambling merchant account services for two decades.  We can get your merchant account approved quickly and hassle-free.  Give us a call today:  1-855-246-8640.

We have developed relationships with banks in the US, Mauritius and other countries to provide merchant account solutions for any sized company offering gaming or gambling. We have partnered with other offshore gambling merchant account providers to ensure we can offer solutions to casinos and gambling operations located in any country. Even though considered high risk by most merchant account providers, FMA has grown to be an expert in finding solutions for companies searching for gaming merchant account solutions. Even though we are located in the US, we can provide merchant account services to companies located around the world.

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Offshore Gambling Merchant Account online gaming merchant account services
Online Gambling Merchant Account

For 20 years, FMA has been helping businesses establish merchant accounts to accept credit card payments. When it comes to companies offering online gambling and other products and services considered high risk by merchant providers, we can help! The popularity of online sports and fantasy sports in the US is higher than it ever has been and the right merchant partner is a must.

If you are just beginning the search, you are likely thinking that the process of finding and establishing a high risk merchant account can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. We realize how valuable your time is and that you do not want to spend unnecessary time finding the right merchant account provider. Allow FMA to do the work for you and introduce you to the high risk provider which best meets your needs.

Some merchant accounts are developed specifically for gaming and casino companies. With the continuous development of apps and online games, having the ability to accept credit cards is a must. This underscores the requirement of a merchant account ready when your gaming company is. Apply today and we can have your merchant account set up and ready to go quickly.

At, we make the research and application processes as easy as possible. In most cases, gaming or gambling merchant accounts can be approved and established within 10-14 days. This is much faster than other companies because of the experience we have providing merchant account services. If you called your local bank or possibly some other merchant account providers, you are likely aware that the process of underwriting a gambling merchant account is a bit different than getting set up to take credit cards at your retail store. Providing merchant services to Internet betting sites to accept credit cards does not have to be a challenge.

As an online gaming merchant, security and dependability are musts for a processing partner. We partner with the best and most experienced processing partners in the world. We also offer a solution for you to keep your chargebacks at a minimum – whether a domestic or offshore gambling merchant account. If you have experience in merchant accounts, you have likely been exposed to chargebacks. That is when a cardholder authorizes a charge on their card and then later calls their credit card company and disputes the charge. If you get too many chargebacks, this will cause problems with your merchant account. We offer protection against chargebacks to keep your merchant account active long term.

We provide online gambling merchant account services for:

  • Real Money Casino
  • Online Slots
  • Bingo
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Online Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • 31
  • Online Casinos in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Cambodia, China Gambling website Merchant Accounts
  • International Casinos

Call us today at 1-855-246-8640, or if calling from outside the US, 1-312-533-4034 – or fill out our contact form. Our professionals are looking forward to speaking with you.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account

Obtaining non-cash payment solutions for your dispensary should not be a stress a business owner has to endure.  During our seven years of specializing in servicing marijuana dispensaries, we have helped dozens of business owners obtain solid payment solutions and enjoy the additional revenue and profits from offering the ability to pay with credit card.  We are always searching and adapting to find the next recreational and medical marijuana dispensary merchant account solution for our loyal customers.  Please fill out the contact form and we can discuss both of our marijuana merchant account solutions which have proven to be viable for both recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries – or call now:  1-855-246-8640.

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Free POS Systems for Restaurants – EMV NFC Compliant

We are offering Free POS systems for restaurants and bars along with the best rates in the industry.  We have partnered with the best solution providers in the industry and have decades of experience helping businesses like yours.  The POS systems are easy to learn, but deliver full solutions, including including inventory control, tracking employee time clock and managing all of your payments needs. If you have a POS you are happy with, but want better rates and personal service, call us today:  1-855-246-8640.

FMA’s customized POS systems for restaurants, powered by Harbortouch, feature the most advanced retail and merchant account POS hardware and software solutions available today. Your free FMA POS  integrated system transcends your standalone POS cash register. Enjoy in-depth reporting capabilities, such as the ability to take customer orders, quickly process credit card and debit card transactions, and enhanced payroll management functions. Harbortouch systems also allow you to take inventory and order supplies effortlessly. Continue reading “Free POS Systems for Restaurants – EMV NFC Compliant”

Free E-Commerce Merchant Account Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

Free E-Commerce Merchant Account

If you are looking for a free e-commerce merchant account payment gateway paired with the best payment solution for your ecommerce store, Free Merchant Accounts (FMA) is the choice for you. Our credit card processing services paired with an Authorize.Net online payment gateway will deliver a smooth checkout experience for you and your customers.  We will even throw in the smartphone app and a smartphone credit card swiper at no charge for those face-to-face transactions.  Call today:  1-855-246-8640. Continue reading “Free E-Commerce Merchant Account Authorize.Net Payment Gateway”

Jet Aircraft Charter Merchant Account Services

Jet Aircraft Charter Merchant Account Services

We offer ease-of-use, the best rates  and quick set-up for jet aircraft merchant accounts.  Businesses who operate aircraft charter services are used to dealing with demanding customers and need everything in their business to function perfectly in order to be successful and to retain customers long-term.  One important factor in the operation is payments.  The industry veterans who own (FMA) have 20 years of experience in dealing with Jet Aircraft Charter Merchant Account needs.  Call us today to receive expert advice and service:  1-855-246-8640. Continue reading “Jet Aircraft Charter Merchant Account Services”

Nutra Continuity Merchant Account Services

Nutra Continuity Merchant Account Services and Payment Gateway

More and more, consumers are ordering nutritional supplements, skin care products, muscle growth and testosterone enhancement products online.  The manufacturers and sellers of these products are benefiting by offering these products on a continuity basis.  The client receives the initial product and then receives the product monthly until they decide to cancel.  This type of nutra continuity merchant account is hard to obtain and even harder to keep active long-term.  We have become experts and can help you long-term.  Call us today for more information:  1-855-246-8640. Continue reading “Nutra Continuity Merchant Account Services”

EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores

Free EMV and NFC compliant EBT terminals for convenience stores (FMA) has found a way to give your business a free terminal and pin pad – and save your convenience store hundreds of dollars in fees.  Following the passage of the the Agricultural Act of 2014 by Congress, important updates were made to the EBT program, affecting EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores.  Call us today to receive your free terminal:  1-855-246-8640. Continue reading “EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores”

Free Merchant Account Solutions for Restaurants

Where can you find free restaurant merchant merchant account equipment, courteous customer service, and knowledgeable support for multi-location merchant account solutions? (FMA) is the reliable, experienced merchant account services provider that thousands of restaurant owners and managers have turned to for 5-star merchant services and a full course of flexible, customizable solutions.As a leading merchant services provider (our transaction processing professionals collectively have over 40 years of experience in the merchant account industry), FMA boasts an extensive line of products and services that can be customized to ensure your restaurant’s success. Continue reading “Free Merchant Account Solutions for Restaurants”

Merchant Accounts for Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

Many certified public accountants are exploring merchant accounts services to avoid spending precious time and money trying to collect from clients.  Our service is easy to use, we offer free merchant account terminals or payment gateways for your CPA office and guarantee we can beat your current processing rates.

If you’re a CPA who is looking for a way to get paid quickly and securely, while also providing your clients with flexible payment options, (FMA) can help with recurring billing and other features.

Free EMV Chip and PIN Terminals for CPAs!

As of October 2015, all credit card machines must be EMV-compliant. If you have not upgrated your credit card terminal to EMV, you could be liable for damages caused by cardholder fraud by using the magnetic strip on the credit card.  To help you stay ahead of any potential problems, FMA is giving certified public accountants who process face-to-face transactions a FREE EMV-compliant terminal, worth as much as $795!

When it comes to credit card processing, FMA is the choice that adds up. We’ve been helping certified public accountants secure merchant accounts since 1995. Whether you accept credit cards face-to-face or online, we can help you too.

Our industry knowledge and long-term relationships with credit card processors has helped CPAs securely accept credit cards at competitive rates and low fees.

Great Service and Support

Many credit card processors don’t take the time to get into the details of their credit card processing options. Whether you’re just starting out as a CPA, or you’ve been a certified public accountant for years, FMA’s merchant account specialists will explain the different options available to you and answer any questions you may have. And we may be able to save you money.

FMA’s Switch & Save Program

Eligible certified public accountants can save as much as 25% over existing merchant account rates and fees! We offer a FREE rate analysis to all accountants with a processing history.

Lower My Rate!

Value-added Programs

Ask about our add-on services, such as chargeback protection and our merchant cash advance program.

Certified public accountants know that it’s sometimes harder to keep the money you earn, than to actually earn it; If you’re a CPA who’s looking for a customized, cost-effective merchant account solution, or you just want to lower your current rates, get started today by contacting FMA!

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Merchant Account Services Retirement Homes & Senior Care

Managers of retirement homes know that convenience adds to peace of mind. Having merchant account services at senior care facilities gives families the peace of mind that flexible payment options offer.

Credit card processing helps make financial decisions that much easier for family members with a loved one in a senior care facility; they can pay over an extended period of time and even set-up automatic recurring billing, so they don’t have to worry about missing a payment.

Retirement homes gain several advantages with merchant accounts services:

  1. You’re guaranteed timely payment
  2. You don’t need to generate costly and time-consuming monthly invoices
  3. You’re transacting in a secure environment

Each senior care facility’s needs are unique, so having the right guidance to ensure that the retirement home you manage has all of its needs met is important. (FMA) has provided retirement homes with expert merchant account guidance since 1995; we are committed to providing you and your residents with secure, reliable, PCI-compliant credit card processing at the most cost-effective rates available.

Switch & Save

If you already have merchant account services at your senior care facility and you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, there’s a good chance we can lower your current processing rates by as much as 25%!

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Free EMV Terminals

We take our commitment to our retirement home clients seriously, which is why we want to help protect your senior care community, its residents, and their families from credit card fraud. To help, we are giving all retirement homes a FREE EMV terminal, worth as much as $795!

EMV credit cards can’t be copied, which makes for a more secure transaction. All of FMA’s credit card terminals are also equipped with near field communication (NFC) readers, so your residents and their caregivers can pay using mobile payment systems.

And, we offer ACH processing services. With ACH, monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer’s account, which saves you from mailing invoices and waiting for payment each month.

Retirement homes in need of safe, dependable, cost-effective merchant account services have come to the right place; contact FMA today and get all that plus a free EMV terminal for your senior care facility!

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