Merchant Accounts for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

When it comes to merchant accounts, (FMA) is a favorite among supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the United States. We are proud of our reputation and strive to continue to excel in customer satisfaction.

These days, credit cards are used more than ever and fewer people tend to carry cash. There’s no question that paying with a debit or credit card is just easier and charging for purchases when using a rewards card is, well, rewarding. Offer your customers the convenience they demand. Continue reading “Merchant Accounts for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores”

Golf Course, Pro Shop & Driving Range Merchant Accounts

Improve your handicap by hiring (FMA) as your payment processing pro. FMA provides merchant accounts to golf courses, pro shops and driving ranges at competitive rates.

In addition to cost savings through our low rates, we offer free state-of-the-art Casio electronic cash registers with an integrated card processing terminal. Collecting payments from customers will not only be a breeze, but your business will operate more efficiently with its many included features. Continue reading “Golf Course, Pro Shop & Driving Range Merchant Accounts”

Merchant Accounts for Dentist, Doctor and Medical Offices

Are you feeling the sting from high merchant account rates and fees that your provider is charging for your dentist or doctor’s office? Some card processing providers enjoy causing pain as they benefit handsomely from it. understands your discomfort and is here ease your suffering.

At we realize that medical offices are important to the well being of all of us. Without efficiently operating practices, our health would suffer. Therefore, we need your business to continue to prosper and are on your side. Continue reading “Merchant Accounts for Dentist, Doctor and Medical Offices”

Free Electronic Cash Registers for Restaurants | ECR solution

Are you in need of an electronic cash register at the restaurant you own or manage? Look no further! has an offer you can’t refuse.

We’re offering a 5 Star Solution at a VIP pricing. Free! Our state of the art Casio ECR solution is perfect for all hospitality industry businesses like restaurants, bars and night clubs, as well as food delivery services.

Continue reading “Free Electronic Cash Registers for Restaurants | ECR solution”

Free Point of Sale System for Hotels | POS Motels, Resorts

If you are looking for a free Point of Sale system for hotels, your motel, resort or rental property, we have the experience and best rates to assist your business find the best processing solution.  With our industry connections and 20 years of experience, we will find the best solution and the best processing rates available in the industry today.  This includes including offering a free point of sale system for hotel properties or private rentals. Continue reading “Free Point of Sale System for Hotels | POS Motels, Resorts”