Vape Shop Merchant Account Services & Internet Vaporizer Sales

If you are in need of retail vape shop merchant account services or are in search of an Internet vaporizer sales merchant account, we have the quickest approvals, best merchant solutions and we give away free merchant account terminals like candy.  Choose from the latest free terminals, POS Machines or payment gateways for your vape business.  No application fee either – call us today and check out our rates:  1-855-246-8640.

Because vape and e-cigarette sales now face many of the same restrictions and regulations as tobacco merchants, banks have classified the industry as “high risk,” and are reluctant to help you accept credit cards at your business. Continue reading “Vape Shop Merchant Account Services & Internet Vaporizer Sales”

Free Merchant Account Terminals for Jewelry Stores (FMA) is giving EMV & NFC terminals to use for your merchant account for jewelry stores!  We will make your business compliant with all of the latest card regulations to protect your business.  We will give you a free terminal and lower your rates if you act now.  Call us today:  1-855-246-8640.

Credit card associations have changed requirements on the way your business accepts credit and debit cards. As of October 2015, jewelry stores were required to replace all credit card machines with EMV-compliant terminals. Stores that don’t have the new chip and PIN terminals are now liable for any fraudulent charges.

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Supplements Nutraceuticals Merchant Account Services

Nutraceuticals & Supplements Merchant Account Services and Payment Gateway

If you are experienced in the industry, you are aware that obtaining a nutraceuticals & supplements merchant account is not the easiest to obtain.  As the popularity of herbal supplements increases, we have experience in dealing with the potential billing issues when customers are set up with recurring payments.  We can help you set up merchant account recurring billing along with ACH service.  We will also help to keep your chargeback levels in line using the best tools in the industry along with our Nutraceuticals Merchant Account payment gateway.  We will help to grow your business and enable you to offer your customers the most convenient payment processing options.  Call us today for more information:  1-855-313-9263. Continue reading “Supplements Nutraceuticals Merchant Account Services”

Pet Supply Merchant Account – Pet Grooming Boarding (FMA) is offering pet supply merchant accounts and is giving pet stores FREE EMV & NFC merchant account terminals.  If you own a pet store, pet supply store, a pet grooming business or if you do pet boarding, we want to help you with your pet supply merchant account.  We are pet owners too and love to work with other animal lovers!!  Call now – save money from your current rates and get a free merchant account terminal or POS System:  1-855-313-9263.

October 1, 2015 was the deadline that the major credit card networks set for U.S. merchants, including pet shops, to upgrade their credit card machines to EMV chip and PIN terminals. Are you compliant?

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Restaurant Free EMV-NFC Merchant Account Terminals and POS (FMA) is offering of FREE placement of EMV-NFC merchant account terminals and POS systems to restaurants and food services businesses.

Are you aware that the credit card industry has rolled out changes? Restaurants must have EMV chip and PIN terminals in place. The deadline was October 2015. Is your restaurant ready? Continue reading “Restaurant Free EMV-NFC Merchant Account Terminals and POS”