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New CBD Oil Merchant Account Solution Available

New CBD Oil Merchant Account Solution Available

CBD Oil Products Merchant Account Solution

Big News: New CBD Oil Merchant Account Solution!!

We are proud to have partnered with a domestic, traditional processing partner to offer a brand new CBD Oil Merchant Account Solution.  We have better rates and service to help those who have struggled for years to find a payment solution for the online sales of Cannabis Oil, CBD Lotions, Hemp Shampoos and Oils.

Authorize.Net for CBD Oil Merchant Account Solution

Finally, a processing solution which integrates with Authorize.net, an easy-to-use payment gateway which integrates with most websites/shopping carts to enable online acceptance of payments for your merchant account.  Authorize.net also offers a Virtual Terminal so you can manually enter orders which come over the phone or in other ways, not through your website.

CBD-Friendly Processing Bank

This new solution is with one of the largest processing banks in the country.  They have authorized this New CBD Oil Merchant Account Solution and there will be no fear of having your account shut down because you are offering CBD Oil.  Yes, we are as excited as you are.  We have been finding alternative, off-shore solutions for years and the merchants have had to pay too much, wait too long for their funds and the accounts were often times eventually shut down.  We have been helping marijuana merchants with their solutions for a while, but this breakthrough for online CBD sales as just as big of news!

The accounts are still considered “high risk”, so the rates are a bit higher than if you were to open a merchant account for a traditional business, but we are able to be a lot less expensive than the solutions which CBD merchants have had to turn to in the past.  We are already working with our past CBD merchants to bring them over to this new merchant account solution and they are jumping through the hoops to get the accounts up and going – this really is a game changer for the CBD industry and we are happy to be a part of this new CBD Oil merchant account solution.

In our 20+ years of experience in the merchant account industry, we have helped every type of merchant – from major retailers, to large online stores to mom and pops working out of their homes.  We continue to use Authorize.net as our payment gateway and are happy to see the Bank to Processor to Authorize.net integration for the online sales CBD/Cannaboid Oil and related products.  For those of you who have suffered with other online payment gateways you are not happy with, give us a call today and we will get your account set up right away.