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Casio TE-1500 Electronic Cash Register – Ideal for Small & Medium Retails

Casio TE-1500 Electronic Cash Register Integrated with Credit Card Processing

Free Merchant Accounts offers you state of the art Casio TE-1500 cash register integrated with credit card processing feature without levying any extra charges. Get yours today!

Whether it is a medium or small sized retail establishment, the Casio TE-1500 electronic cash register would work wonders to meet your payment processing needs proficiently.

The Casio TE-1500 electronic cash register comes available in a sleek and trendy black design that houses as much as thirty “One Touch” keys dedicated for departments and 2000 PLU numbers in addition to an automatic voltage detector and regulator. Besides being a cash register, it is designed with an integrated credit card processing functionality, which is just like an icing on the cake.

Casio is listed amongst those top brands in the industry that incorporate anti-bacterial technology into every cash register so as to help declining the rate of sick leaves taken up by the employees at various retail establishments. The same is in the case of Casio TE-1500 electronic cash register.

It is also employed with such technology that helps cutting down the spread of bacteria efficiently amongst the employees using the system.

If you plan on to take up this Casio TE-1500 electronic cash register from anywhere apart from Free Merchant Accounts, it would roughly cost you around $429, however, we at Free Merchant Accounts offer it absolutely free!

If you are into restaurants and bars business, feel free to get connected with us to grab your free cash register right over!

We at Free Merchant Accounts offer you state of the art Casio TK-1550 cash register totally free to let your restaurant and bar business get benefitted.

Order Your Free Cash Register Today!

To get your FREE Casio TE-1500 electronic cash register, simply complete our secure online application, or give us a call toll-free at 1-855-246-8640.

    The Casio TE-1500 electronic cash register offers a number of other great features including:

    Fully integrated electronic payment interface for processing credit cards, debit cards and gift cards

    Scanning (for up to 2000 items) and 2 RS232 communication ports are available

    Dual station thermal printer has drop & load paper loading, to minimize paper jams

    Prints graphics and logos in-house

    Includes age verification, pop-up customer display and calculator function

    5 bill, 5 coin cash drawers

    Provides post transaction receipts

    RAC card (program downloading and uploading, EJ backup and IPL upgrades)

    Comes with a training mode to help new employees

    Optional flash memory device is available, which saves you time by not having to program each cash register individually.

    Comes with manuals in both English and Spanish

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