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Casio TK 1550 Electronic Cash Register

Get Casio TK 1550 Electronic Cash Register and credit card terminal absolutely free through FMA. It is best for hospitality businesses

When you order Casio TK 1550 electronic cash register through FMA, you are provided with additional credit card terminal without any extra charges. Place your order today!

The Casio TK 1550 is loaded with a range of valuable features that are designed particularly for hospitality industry!

Establishments that deal with food and beverages find Casio TK 1550 the best fit for them. The device makes guest check tracking also really convenient and hassle free. This device also incorporates a back-lit with alpha numeric display that demonstrates the name and price of the last item entered along with the total transaction. This feature not only helps in speeding up the entire process but also helps in lessening the server errors.

You need not worry about spilling of liquids or any other foreign particles on the keyboard as the Casio TK 1550 electronic cash register is provided with a quality flat membrane keyboard for extensive shielding for the same. This flat membrane keyboard encompasses 27 raised keys along with 72 flat department keys, 3 menu levels that are efficient enough to support as much as 2000 PLU’s and 50 clerks without any hassles.

In addition to all these features, the anti-bacterial or anti-microbial technology used in the keyboard work wonders for prevention of spreading the disease and sickness in the entire workplace!

On an average, the range of Casio TK 1550 electronic cash register devices starts from around $475. However, if you simply place your order right now, FMA would provide it to you absolutely free!

Do you want to get an electronic cash register for the retail business?

We at FMA offer state of the art electronic cash register absolutely free. These devices are particularly designed for every type of retail businesses. You can simply check out Casio TE 1500 Electronic Cash Register page for detailed information.

Order the Casio TK 1550 today for free!

Give us a call toll-free at 1-855-246-8640 or fill out our online application and we’ll set you up with a free Casio TK 1550 electronic cash register that includes a credit card terminal.

    Additional features of the Casio TK 1550:

    5 bill/5 coin metal cash drawer

    Drop-in paper loading

    Calculator function

    Alpha numeric printer

    LCD backlit emerald display

    Available with dial-up or ethernet connection

    Multi-application support

    Includes a credit card terminal

    Accept all major credit cards

    Unit replaced free of charge if it breaks or malfunctions

    24/7 customer service & technical support

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