Magazine Subscription Merchant Account Services

Magazine Subscription Merchant Account

During our 20 years in the payments business, the owners of (FMA) have had the privilege of providing magazine subscription merchant account services to dozens of businesses.  We have worked with successful business owners who either sell magazine subscriptions for their own publications, or they are brokers, selling subscriptions for other magazine publishers.  We have easy-to-use merchant account solutions for single users or for phone-room environments.  We understand the risk involved and are here to help you succeed in this competitive environment.

After helping many magazine subscription companies establish their own merchant accounts, we started to receive referrals – because merchant account companies and processing banks have classified magazine sales and annual subscriptions as “high risk” businesses.  Our subscription clients have been great clients, so we invested the time and energy to find the right domestic and offshore partners who not only provide reasonable merchant accounts for subscription-based businesses, but are happy to do so.

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Payment Gateways for Monthly Recurring ACH or Credit Card Payments

We have  magazine subscription payment gateway solutions for processing credit card payments and ACH payments.  If you sell on an annual subscription basis, both payment gateways have recurring billing options so you can set the payment to run every month and not worry about it again.  You will be notified via email when each monthly recurring transaction is run and if it is not successful, you will be notified that the payment has been declined and will be notified of the issue with the credit card or ACH payment on file from your payment gateway.  You will be able to process transactions from all major credit cards and also have the ability to run ACH/E-Check transactions.  The ACH/E-Check option will deduct the payments directly from your customers’ checking accounts – either one-time or on a monthly basis.  Accepting payments via ACH will cost less and there is even an upgrade to receive funds the same day you receive the account information from your customer – very fast!

Multi-User and Payment Gateway Reporting

If you have multiple people in your office processing subscription Merchant Account or ACH payments for sales, you can assign each of them an individual login so you can track their activity throughout the day and throughout the month.  Using the online reporting system, you will have the ability to view today’s transactions, week-to-date, last month or whatever period you choose.  All transactions are saved and available to view and you can even drill down to view transactions by user.

The payment gateway also performs AVS and CID verification for additional security against unauthorized use or fraud transactions.  You will be assured that the person who is authorizing the use of the credit card is the actual cardholder. has the best rates, the best processing partners and, when you call, we actually know what we are talking about when it comes to merchant account services for magazine subscription sales.  We are experienced in:

  • Annual or Monthly Magazine Subscriptions
  • Annual Contracts
  • Monthly Billing
  • Payment Gateway Recurring Billing
  • ACH Monthly/Recurring Billing
  • High Risk Merchant Accounts
  • Integrate with QuickBooks
  • Chargeback Management/Reduction

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