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Merchant Accounts Dry Cleaners and Laundry

Merchant Accounts Dry Cleaners and Laundry

Merchant Accounts for dry cleaners from FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) will save your business money. Don’t let other processing companies take you to the cleaners with their high rates and hidden fees.

At FMA, we understand that all businesses are different and have their individual requirements. That’s why we’ll take the time to listen to your needs before developing a customized solution specific to your dry cleaning or laundry service business.

With a FMA merchant account, we will have your dry cleaner operating more efficiently and cost effectively than ever!

If your business is a cash only dry cleaner or a coin laundromat, it’s time to make a change. This day and age, people tend to carry less cash and certainly not pockets full of change for the laundry machines.

Merchant accounts offer your customers the convenience of paying with a debit or credit card simply by swiping it through a terminal attached to the register at your dry cleaner.

For coin laundromats, a merchant account will eliminate the need to frequently refill change machines. Customers will have the ability to swipe a card through a reader to purchase time on an available machine.

In addition to convenience you are providing to customers, merchant accounts reduce security risks for your business. It’s no secret that cash only businesses have more cash-on-hand, making them higher targets for robbery. Downgrade your risk by having an alternate payment method and less cash in the register.

Also, a merchant account at your dry cleaning business will deliver detailed reporting and streamline your accounting procedures.

Give yourself peace of mind and take some of the burden or operating your business off your shoulders with a FMA payment processing solution.

Whether you are currently processing and shopping for better rates or just getting your business started, FMA is here for you. To start saving, click ‘Apply Now’. Prefer to speak with someone directly? Call us today!

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