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EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores

EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores

Verifone EBT Terminal and Pin Pad

Free EMV and NFC compliant EBT terminals for convenience stores

FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) has found a way to give your business a free terminal and pin pad – and save your convenience store hundreds of dollars in fees.  Following the passage of the the Agricultural Act of 2014 by Congress, important updates were made to the EBT program, affecting EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores.  Call us today to receive your free terminal:  1-855-246-8640.

EBT ApplePay Merchant Account Terminal
EBT ApplePay Terminal

Prior to the 2014 provisions, convenience stores and grocery stores were provided with free equipment capable of processing the EBT transactions.  Since the 2014 provisions were passed, convenience store owners have been responsible for purchasing their own EBT and merchant account terminals.  Since that time, there has been confusion among business owners on which merchant account service and which EBT terminals to select.

Initially there was a preferred vendor chosen, but soon, convenience store owners realized they were being overcharged for the service and terminals.  After speaking with hundreds of such business owners, FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) has built a custom pricing solution saving business owners hundreds of dollars – or more – every year.  Our solution covers all types of credit and debit cards, check guarantee and EBT.  We offer quick approvals, expert advice and the best pricing in the industry.  The fees we charge are half of what the major providers offer for the SAME solution – and, the equipment is FREE!  Our merchant account pricing for credit and debit card acceptance is also the lowest in the industry.  Please call us prior to signing a lease or over-paying for merchant account EBT terminals or service.

If you own a convenience store which also offers gas and you are unbranded, you can use our solution for all of your payment needs.  If you are a branded gas station, you can use our solution for everything other than gas.  We will train you and make sure you are comfortable with the whole transaction process.

EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores
Convenience Store EBT and Merchant Account

Our terminals are also EMV and NFC compliant.  EMV card readers have the ability to read the chip cards along iwth magnetic stripe cards.  The EMV chips reduce fraud significantly and are now mandated by the card associatons.  This is your chance to get a free upgrade to an EMC compliant terminal.  NFC refers to near field communication and your terminals will have the ability to accept Apple Pay and similar smart phone payments by allowing your client to wave  their phone over the NFC terminal.

About Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

EBT is a system which replaced food stamps and other welfare programs of the past.  There is a monthly allotment put each beneficiary’s card for the month.  The program member uses the card to purchase food items and it works very similarly to a PIN debit card.  The cardholder swipes the card and enters their PIN.  An authorization or decline is given – similarly to a credit card payment.  No food stamps or cash change hands for the food items.  The merchant receives the funds along with the merchant account transactions processed on that day.  Unlike SNAP, EBT can be used at convenience stores and not exclusively at grocery stores.  The fees on the transactions are different than normal debit or credit card transactions and FMA has the best pricing in the industry for EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores.


EBT Merchant Account Terminals Convenience Stores – Call Today!!

Give us a call today to discuss our EBT solution and find out how you can get a free terminal along with saving money on all of your credit card and EBT transactions.  1-855-246-8640 or, simply:

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