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Free E-Commerce Merchant Account Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

Free E-Commerce Merchant Account Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

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Free E-Commerce Merchant Account

If you are looking for a free e-commerce merchant account Authorize.net payment gateway paired with the best payment solution for your ecommerce store, Free Merchant Accounts (FMA) is the choice for you. Our credit card processing services paired with an Authorize.Net online payment gateway will deliver a smooth checkout experience for you and your customers.  We will even throw in the smartphone app and a smartphone credit card swiper at no charge for those face-to-face transactions.  Call today:  1-855-246-8640.

At FMA, we help ecommerce businesses get the most from their online sales by offering the most competitive merchant account pricing available. While other processing providers charge set up fees and hidden or miscellaneous fees, we do not.

Free e-commerce Authorize.net payment gateway

And in addition to saving money with our low merchant account rates, businesses will process ecommerce transactions with peace of mind knowing that they are using the most trusted payment gateway in the world.

We use Authorize.Net payment gateways for the exceptional reliability and secure infrastructure. The gateway is easy to use & offers many features and options that can be tailored to a merchant’s specific business needs.

Our free e-commerce merchant account integration is easy for e-commerce web stores, as the Authorize.Net gateway is compatible with most online shopping carts.

Manage your business from anywhere by accessing the online interface or the downloadable smartphone app.  The Authorize.Net interface includes tools to generate transaction reports through any computer so that you can stay on top of sales and transactions when away from the office.

All merchant accounts include a virtual terminal at no extra cost. The virtual terminal enables a merchant to process customer credit cards face-to-face or over the phone. This feature is valuable when a customer does not have the ability to checkout in the online shopping cart.

The payment gateway also supports recurring billing. This feature is ideal for merchants that handle month to month billing such as online subscription services.

Don’t forget, Authorize.net also offers the ability to integrate and sync to your QuickBooks!


When it comes to Internet merchant accounts, we consider ourselves industry experts. We’ve been helping businesses with credit card processing since 1995 and are proud of our reputation as a leading payment services provider.

We work with ecommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes, including low and high volume and merchants selling high-ticket products and services online.

Does your business fall into a high-risk category or do you face credit challenges that have lead to application declines with other providers? We can help! We can approve most high-risk merchants in just a few business days.  DO NOT FORGET about our ACH Solution! It processes e-commerce and virtual terminal transactions also!  We can accept all types of businesses to accept checks via the web or over the phone.

And if you already have a merchant account and Authorize.net payment gateway, FMA can save you money over existing rates and fees.

Take advantage of our FREE Switch & Save program and find out how much we can save you.

If you sign up for credit card processing with FMA, we’ll reprogram your Authorize.Net payment gateway at no cost.

Additional Services

Chargeback Shield – Were you aware that a chargeback ratio of 2% can get your merchant account terminated? High risk businesses and businesses selling products or services online often face higher rates of chargebacks. With Chargeback Shield, you have the ability to handle customer disputes before they become chargebacks.

Merchant Cash Advance – Are you in need of working capital to purchase equipment or pay off existing debt? We offer a merchant cash advance program with favorable terms and a flexible repayment schedule. Get the funding you need fast and easy.

Get Started Today!

Make the most out of your Internet store. Many e-commerce businesses understand what it’s like to have secure, reliable and low cost credit card processing services and you can too.

Contact us today to set up your free e-commerce authorize.net payment gateway and get a free virtual terminal. We look forward to hearing from you!  Call or click!  1-855-246-8640.

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