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Ecommerce Processing Merchant Account

Free Set-Up and Convenient eCommerce Processing Merchant Account for Your Web Store

We at Free Merchant Accounts offer you class-leading payment gateways such as Authorize.net which make running your eCommerce Processing merchant account absolutely safe and hassle-free. The payment gateway will capture all online transactions on your web store and also allow you to login and capture and settle echeck or credit card payment transactions through any web browser.  The same merchant account can be accessed via a smart phone app and we have free swipers for your smartphone.  You will have the ability to process credit card and ACH transactions along with accessing your account, including transaction history via the smart phone app.

In addition to best-in-class payment gateways, service and pricing, FMA has found the best online check solution in the industry.  You will be able to process ACH transactions via your website or you can log in and use the virtual terminal.  Can you imagine taking account information over the phone in the morning and having funds deposited into your business checking account the same day?  We can do this. The checking account solutions are ideal for those high risk businesses that do not even qualify for a conventional merchant account.  They are less expensive and you get paid faster!

Experience State of the Art eCommerce Payment Processing Solutions without Any Set-Up cost through Free Merchant Accounts

In order to make sure you qualify for the best rate, we at Free Merchant Accounts help you establish a web merchant account designed exclusively for internet transactions. Your Authorize.net payment gateway will be deployed once we get your merchant account approved.  You will enjoy and trust the completely secure environment for real time and virtual terminal transactions.  Call us today:  855-246-8640

Included with eCommerce processing solutions by FMA

  • Zero Upfront License Fee

    Unlike other service providers, FMA does not charge any type of upfront licensing costs, which is usually $99 to $395. We wave off all the licensing fees

  • Convenient eCommerce Processing

    You can provide your customers with safe and secured payment transactions from all four major credit card providers such as Discover, American Express, Master Card and Visa

  • Free SmartPhone Swiper & App

    Process transactions on-the-go.  You can swipe your customers’ credit cards and checks through the SmartPhone swiper or use the app to enter transactions or access your transaction history.  Perfect for Service Businesses.

  • Hassle Free Shopping Cart Incorporation

    Payment gateway “Authorize.net” provided by FMA is fully compatible with some of the major shopping carts, thus providing better shopping experience to your customers

  • Virtual Terminal

    People can make manual payment transactions using a secured web based form for face-to-face, mail or phone orders

  • Fraud Detection Suite

    Authorize.net is well synchronized with fraud detection technology, thus helps minimizing the risk of payment frauds online

  • Accept eChecks

    Accepting payment through another option called eCheck is also available through Authorize.net payment gateway. This offers additional payment flexibility to your customers

  • Web-Based Reporting

    You can make use of web based reporting tool that helps you checking out your sales from any computer

  • Recurring Billing

    This beneficial feature included in Authporize.net is ideal particularly for the merchants having business based on subscriptions

  • Live Phone Support

    We offer you live phone support which is absolutely convenient to keep your system functioning round the clock

  • AVS

    It is address verification service that keeps track and verify the billing address of every card holder

  • Sync with QuickBooks

    Authorize.net has the ability to sync your daily sales activity directly with your QuickBooks account.  You will save hours not having to manually enter the transactions.

    Internet Merchant Accounts

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    No application fees
    No additional gateway fees
    1 year service agreement

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