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Offshore Gambling Merchant Account Services

Offshore Gambling Merchant Account Services

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Are you operating or are in the process of starting a gaming business website or online gambling website?   FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) has been providing merchant account services for businesses of all types and sizes, including high risk industries and offshore gambling merchant account services for two decades.  We can get your merchant account approved quickly and hassle-free.  Give us a call today:  1-855-246-8640.

We have developed relationships with banks in the US, Mauritius and other countries to provide merchant account solutions for any sized company offering gaming or gambling. We have partnered with other offshore gambling merchant account providers to ensure we can offer solutions to casinos and gambling operations located in any country. Even though considered high risk by most merchant account providers, FMA has grown to be an expert in finding solutions for companies searching for gaming merchant account solutions. Even though we are located in the US, we can provide merchant account services to companies located around the world.

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Offshore Gambling Merchant Account online gaming merchant account services
Online Gambling Merchant Account

For 20 years, FMA has been helping businesses establish merchant accounts to accept credit card payments. When it comes to companies offering online gambling and other products and services considered high risk by merchant providers, we can help! The popularity of online sports and fantasy sports in the US is higher than it ever has been and the right merchant partner is a must.

If you are just beginning the search, you are likely thinking that the process of finding and establishing a high risk merchant account can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. We realize how valuable your time is and that you do not want to spend unnecessary time finding the right merchant account provider. Allow FMA to do the work for you and introduce you to the high risk provider which best meets your needs.

Some merchant accounts are developed specifically for gaming and casino companies. With the continuous development of apps and online games, having the ability to accept credit cards is a must. This underscores the requirement of a merchant account ready when your gaming company is. Apply today and we can have your merchant account set up and ready to go quickly.

At FreeMerchantAccounts.com, we make the research and application processes as easy as possible. In most cases, gaming or gambling merchant accounts can be approved and established within 10-14 days. This is much faster than other companies because of the experience we have providing merchant account services. If you called your local bank or possibly some other merchant account providers, you are likely aware that the process of underwriting a gambling merchant account is a bit different than getting set up to take credit cards at your retail store. Providing merchant services to Internet betting sites to accept credit cards does not have to be a challenge.

As an online gaming merchant, security and dependability are musts for a processing partner. We partner with the best and most experienced processing partners in the world. We also offer a solution for you to keep your chargebacks at a minimum – whether a domestic or offshore gambling merchant account. If you have experience in merchant accounts, you have likely been exposed to chargebacks. That is when a cardholder authorizes a charge on their card and then later calls their credit card company and disputes the charge. If you get too many chargebacks, this will cause problems with your merchant account. We offer protection against chargebacks to keep your merchant account active long term.

We provide online gambling merchant account services for:

  • Real Money Casino
  • Online Slots
  • Bingo
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Online Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • 31
  • Online Casinos in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Cambodia, China Gambling website Merchant Accounts
  • International Casinos

Call us today at 1-855-246-8640, or if calling from outside the US, 1-312-533-4034 – or fill out our contact form. Our professionals are looking forward to speaking with you.

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