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The Most Efficient Hypercom T4220 Credit card Machine

Hypercom T4220 Credit card Machine

You can now obtain the most efficient Hypercom T4220 credit card machine from Free Merchant Accounts without paying anything!

Due to unsurpassed performance and security, The Hypercom Optimum T4220 credit card machine is considered as one of the top and unmatched dial-up and IP terminals these days.

The Hypercom T4220 terminal boasts some highly compliant and dominant features because of which every business, whether small or large, consider it the best credit card machine. Although there are numerous models that compete with this terminal, but the Hypercom T4220 comes available with high processing power and a bigger memory that makes it surpass all of them. Moreover, your business needs might change after some time that can be met efficiently through its absolute flexible platform.

This highly proficient dial-up and IP terminal can be best used for various applications such as restaurants, ecommerce, mail orders, telephone orders, retail environments and a lot more. In addition, you can provide your customers with the flexibility of paying for their shopping through loyalty cards and gift cards too. This machine is utmost effective for handling every type of check verifications as well as currency conversions too.

Although the retail price of Hypercom T4220 credit card machine is around $325 but we at Free Merchant Accounts offer this state of the art credit card terminal absolutely free for your business without levying any charges.

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You Can Order Your Free Processing Terminal Today!

To get your FREE Hypercom T4220 credit card machine, just fill out our secure online application – or you can telephone us at 1-855-313-9216 .

    Other features and benefits of the free Hypercom T4220 credit card machine include:

    Unmatched IP download and transaction speeds with the V.34 modem

    Fully integrated PCI PED approved for PIN entry capability. Also approved for Mastercard PTSP, EMV Levels 1 and 2, and is Interac Certified

    The security of HyperSafe32 architecture meets all prevailing security standards

    Very easy to use, with multiple help menus and toolkits, a backlit display and easy key recognition

    Powerful ARM9 processing

    Includes thermal printer with drop-in loading to eliminate paper jams, and allows for printing coupons and logos

    Secure IP functionality with dial backup

    Shares an identical user interface as the other terminals in Hypercom’s T4200 family of dial and wireless models, making for easy support and migration

    If a problems occurs, the T4220’s IP diagnostics software checks for failures in your cable, your store’s gateway, your ISP and finally your processing host, and then notifies you of the error and instructs you on how to fix the problem

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