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Hypercom T4210 – The Entry Level Credit Card Machine

Hypercom T4210 Credit Card Machine

The Hypercom T4210 credit card machine is a very reasonably priced dial credit card terminal, which is compliant to PCI-PED. This terminal is particularly designed to compete with the range of other entry level and various contemporary credit card machines available across the globe!

Optimum T4210 designed by Hypercom lets you experience those rich features that are usually encompassed in various expensive and high end credit card wireless terminals. It is one of the most ideal dial up counter top solutions available to you.

The credit card terminal Hypercom T4210 comes equipped with an exceptionally powerful ARM9 processor which makes this machine efficient enough to make processing lightening fast. It enhances the speed and power to as much as 4 times in contrast to its competitive machines available these days.

Moreover, the V34 modem incorporated in this terminal guarantee downloads and data transfers much swiftly, making it the most efficient machine in its class. This credit card machine Hypercom T4210 work wonders with majority of retail environments, in addition to restaurants as well.

In addition, this terminal is highly recommended for mail/order transactions, internet sales, loyalty & gift cards, check conversations and verification besides several other transactions hassle free.

If you do not wish to pay the retail price of $325 for this terminal, remember, you need to get in contact with us at Free Merchant Accounts. Approach us and grab this credit card terminal for your business absolutely free!

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    Other features and benefits of the free Hypercom T4210:

    Approvals include PCI PED (for PIN transactions), EMV Levels 1 and 2, Interac certified and MasterCard PTSP

    The Sureload thermal printer, with drop-in loading to avoid paper jams, also allows merchants to print coupons and logo graphics in house

    With 24mb of memory, the terminal can easily accept any value added applications you may require in the future

    The peripheral port allows more payment options to be connected via contactless card readers, PIN pads and check imagers

    Bright backlit display offers sharper, more defined images for easy viewing

    Upgradeable modular platform allows for easy adaptability as new requirements emerge

    The large 19 key layout makes inputting information easy and less subject to error

    Designed with security in mind, to meet the most stringent industry regulations

    The optional chip reader allows merchants to accept chip transactions worldwide

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