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Merchant Account Loan Small Business Cash Advance

Merchant Account Loan Small Business Cash Advance

The popular Merchant Account Loan Program by Free Merchant Accounts is proficient enough to aid any type of business that feels the need of anything right from short term capital to general cash flow requirements, inventory purchases, finance expansion, or just for advertising or marketing campaigns. Get connected today to explore more in detail!

Are you ready to sell a portion of your future credit card receivables to Free Merchant Accounts? If so, then FMA is always there to help generating cash anytime without any hassles.

We at Free Merchant Accounts have proficiency to provide every type of small business with cash advance. Our solutions are tailored to meet any individual needs competently. Depending upon the circumstances, your business can be entitled to receive any amount as low as $1,500 to as high as a million bucks too as a cash advance.

Against the cash advance that FMA provides, you are required to pay your business’ future credit card receivables, be it through Discover, American Express, MasterCard or Visa card transactions.

FMA scrutinizes a few prerequisites stringently that are set for every business. In order to qualify efficiently, the business must have at least $5,000 credit card processing volume on monthly bases and for a minimum of sixty days.

Majority of times, Free Merchant Accounts approves the filed applications in just within two business days. The Merchant Account Loan program has seen as high as 90% approval rate till date. Remember, you must not be in default with your landlord and cannot have an open bankruptcy in the previous year.

So, what are you waiting for? Get connected with Free Merchant Accounts today and know the capability of your business to receive the cash advance!

Apply Now

    Receive the Cash You Need, When You Need It!

    Your merchant account loan gives you funding determined by your business’ credit card receivables

    No application fees

    Use the funding to do renovations or remodel, to purchase equipment or inventory, pay for advertising, reduce debt, pay for taxes, or even for partner buyouts

    The cash advance is usually equal to 100% to 125% of your average monthly processing volume, depending upon the daily payback percentage you choose (20% to 25%). If you do not qualify for full funding, you may need to submit a new application for a lesser amount.

    Approved small business cash advances are generally disbursed to you within just ten (10) days.

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