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Merchant Account Services Health Care Medical Discount Cards

Merchant Account Services Health Care Medical Discount Cards

If your company offers health care medical discount cards or insurance memberships and you’re looking for merchant account services, FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) has you covered. We offer complete e-commerce solutions at low rates and fees.  We offer recurring billing, the best ACH service in the industry, and – Free Set-up!

At FMA, we understand how challenging it can be for some businesses to get approved for merchant accounts. Processors sometimes hesitate to approve applications from businesses they deem “high risk.” FMA is happy to work with all businesses, and we’ve helped many business that offer discount medical and insurance memberships.

Like many eCommerce service-based businesses, discount medical and insurance membership businesses often have higher than normal rates of chargebacks, especially membership-based businesses that depend on recurring billing.

Still, if you have a sound business model, decent credit history, and low chargeback ratio, an experienced merchant account services provider can successfully negotiate competitive credit card processing rates and fees for your discount health insurance business.

FMA has longstanding partnerships with established banks that specialize in helping high risk merchants; they can customize payment processing services that work for you based on how you do business, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been processing credit cards for years.

FMA’s Web merchant applicants can expect:

  •       Simple application
  •       Fast approval
  •       Secure, PCI-compliant gateways

FMA’s eCommerce processing solution for discount medical insurance membership businesses features no upfront licensing fee, as well as:

  •       Seamless shopping cart integration
  •       Latest wireless and mobile technology
  •       eCheck processing
  •       Recurring billing
  •       Industry-leading fraud detection suite
  •       Web-based reporting
  •       Live phone support

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Don’t delay. If your company offers discount medical or insurance memberships, get reliable, cost-effective merchant account services now from FMA!

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