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Online Tobacco Cigarettes Merchant Account Services

Online Tobacco Cigarettes Merchant Account Services

Online Tobacco Cigarettes Merchant Account

A Great Solution for your Online Cigarettes sales Merchant Account Payment Gateway


FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) offers online cigarettes merchant account services along with website and retail tobacco stores, premium cigars, marijuana, e-cigs and accessories. We have helped dozens of merchants like you find the best online or retail processing solution for your business. Not only can we establish your online cigarette merchant account at the best possible rates for the tobacco industry, we also offer online ACH processing.  Give us a call today:  1-855-246-8640.

We realize that with each passing day, a tobacco merchant account gets harder to obtain, and you are normally paying much higher rates than you thought you would. With FMA, our banks realize the struggles you face and have committed to being partners and helping you to not only stay in businesses, but to grow your business.

There are still a couple of hoops to go through to make sure you are adhering to industry guidelines established in order to prevent the sale to tobacco to minors and make sure you are abiding state and federal laws. We do not consider this a “high risk” merchant account, but instead, a controlled industry which can be navigated easily if the tobacco business chooses to work with an experienced credit card processor.

The majority of business owners we have helped in this industry have been experienced in the industry and have been operating a local retail store, most likely on a Reservation. When they want to expand their business, we have helped them with the merchant account processing and ACH processing services which to help them expand nationwide and grow their businesses.

All Tobacco and Cigarette Merchant Account Payment Gateways and Merchant Account Terminals are Free!

When you sign up for your merchant account, our consultant will discuss what is the best merchant account solution for your business – whether a merchant account terminal or POS system for your retail store, a payment gateway for your website, or a combination of both. All of our terminals are EMV and NFC compliant.  EMV is the technology which allows the terminal to read the chip in the card vs. the magnetic stripe – reducing the chance of fraud.  NFC is what allows your terminal to accept payments Like ApplePay and other payments using smartphone apps.

The best thing:  No matter which option you choose, you will have no up-front costs – application fees or  equipment fees.  Once you are approved for your account for online cigarettes sales merchant account, we will ship your equipment free of charge!  Call today:  1-855-246-8640!

We specialize in providing merchant account services to several tobacco-related businesses:

  • Online and Retail Tobacco and Cigarette Stores
  • E-Cig, Smoke, Pipe and Accessory Websites and Retail Stores
  • Legal Medical and Recreational Marijuana businesses
  • Best ACH service in the industry – this will save you money!
  • We offer free terminals, free payment gateways and free set-up.

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