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Nurit 8320 Credit Card Machine to Support Multiple Merchant Accounts

Nurit 8320 Credit Card Machine

You can now place the order for Nurit 8320 credit card machine absolutely free through Free Merchant Accounts. This terminal is efficient enough to support as much as nine merchant accounts simultaneously.

Seeking for an efficient credit card terminal that can support multiple merchant accounts?

If you are in need to get a credit card terminal that can support multiple merchant accounts at the same time without any hassles, the Nurit 8320 is ideal for you. This machine is designed to support as much as nine merchant accounts hassle free and is known as all in one terminal.

If you own a business that employs sub-contractors and each of them requires an individual merchant account, Nurit 8320 work wonders to meet such needs proficiently. This terminal is effluent enough to support the range of communication options competently.

This Lipman credit card terminal can be connected through land line using a high speed modem. Moreover, it can even be connected through an optional RS 485 LAN or Ethernet connectivity as well as a quality GPRS modem so as to accept payments through credit cards anytime, anywhere.

For safe and sound PED transactions, the Nurit 8320 has been approved via MasterCard and Visa. This terminal also gives you the flexibility to provide your customers with an option to pay through gift cards and loyalty cards. The Built-in PIN pad also work wonders for debit transactions.

The portable design of Nurit 8320 takes very less space on the countertop and has made it the best seller especially amongst the ones short on space. It has a few robust features installed that add to its efficiency to serve for the years to come.

Are you looking for a merchant account terminal for free with a few different features?

Free Merchant Accounts boasts a range of credit card terminals with a variety of features to meet your payment processing needs without any hassles. Here are a few additional terminals in addition to Nurit 8320 that we provide you absolutely free:

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    Nurit 8320 credit card machine features:

    It’s free, which saves you approx $350.00

    Batch reporting saved for 60 days

    User-friendly large typeface

    Can support multiple merchant accounts

    Supports store and forward

    Auto paper feed makes for easy roll changes

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