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Pet Supply Merchant Account – Pet Grooming Boarding

Pet Supply Merchant Account – Pet Grooming Boarding

Pet Supply Merchant Account

FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) is offering pet supply merchant accounts and is giving pet stores FREE EMV & NFC merchant account terminals.  If you own a pet store, pet supply store, a pet grooming business or if you do pet boarding, we want to help you with your pet supply merchant account.  We are pet owners too and love to work with other animal lovers!!  Call now – save money from your current rates and get a free merchant account terminal or POS System:  1-855-313-9263.

October 1, 2015 was the deadline that the major credit card networks set for U.S. merchants, including pet shops, to upgrade their credit card machines to EMV chip and PIN terminals. Are you compliant?

Pet stores that still do not have EMV merchant account terminals in place by are subject to liability for any fraudulent purchases if a security breach were to happen in which credit card data was stolen.

Compliance has its rewards. Pet shops that have EMV terminals benefit from being able to accommodate the increasing number of payment options that customers demand.  EMV terminals also protect you, the merchant.  If one of your customers commits cardholder fraud by using a bogus magnetic stripe at your location, you are now liable for any losses.  If your customer uses the EMV chip embedded in the card, you have no liablity.  Protect your business today!!

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If you own or manage a pet store and don’t already have an EMV terminal, FMA wants to help. We are offering EMV merchant account services terminals to pet stores for FREE!

In addition to having EMV chip readers which enable “contact” payments (entering a PIN or a signature) our terminals are equipped near field communication (NFC) technology, which allows for “contactless” e-wallet payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Customers simply wave a card, smartphone or mobile device near the terminal to complete the transaction.

For 20 years, FMA has provided pet stores with secure, convenient merchant account services. Whether you’ve just opened for business or have multiple locations, we can help.  Use our mobile solutions for your pick-up and drop-off while boarding pets and also if you operate a mobile grooming business.  You can accept payment when you see your customer.

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If you already process credit cards, there is a good chance that we can save you money by lowering your current credit card processing rates. To see how much you can save, contact FMA for a FREE rate analysis.

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Call us to learn more about our merchant cash advances.

If you’re looking for cost-effective, customized merchant account services for pet stores and/or FREE EMV& NFC terminals, FMA can help you be compliant and save you money. Contact us today!

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