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Auto Dealership Merchant Account Services & Car Lots

Auto Dealership Merchant Account Services & Car Lots

Auto Dealership Merchant Account

Do you own an auto dealership or new/used car lot and are still putting off becoming EMV/NFC compliant with your auto dealership merchant account equipment?  We are working with all of the major Dealer Management Software providers to integrate the chip-reader terminals into your dealer management system.  You will save on rates and finally get rid of your payment gateway fees.  Our team will help you map out a plan for your whole facility and help you through the whole upgrade transition.  We will save you money on your rates and make your business compliant with new EMV requirements.    Give us a call:  1-855-246-8640.

It will cost you nothing to switch over and you will save 10%-50% on your fees in the process.  FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) is ready to help your new and used auto dealerships get great processing solutions, rates, and service.  Contact our experienced team today to discuss our solutions for your auto dealership merchant account.

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Since 1995, FMA has specialized in helping car dealerships secure low credit card processing rates. We have established relationships with solid banks and processors that can provide your auto dealerships with secure payment gateways and a variety of merchant account services that can be customized to meet the needs of your business, whether you’re just starting out or have been swiping credit cards for years at multiple lots.  We also pay attention to our long-term customers who need merchant account services for their used car lots – large or small, in the city or on a country road.

Your car lot sales team can save time and increase sales with:

  •       PCI-compliant point of sale (POS) systems
  •       The latest wireless and mobile processing terminals
  •       EMV and NFC merchant account terminals

FREE EMV and NFC-Compliant Merchant Account Terminals for your auto dealership!

All point-of-sale devices are now required to be EMV-compliant. FMA wants to help you out by giving you a FREE EMV-compliant terminal and PIN pad, worth as much as $795! This terminal will help protect your car dealership from PCI non-compliance fees, reduce the number of chargebacks, and limit your risk of credit card fraud.  The chip in the new credit cards is replacing the magnetic stripe, reducing fraud at the point of sale.  If you continue to use the magnetic stripe readers, you may be liable if one of your customers commits cardholder fraud.  We can also work with your current POS Systems.

FMA’s eCommerce payment gateway for auto dealerships includes no upfront licensing fee, as well as:
  •       Industry-leading fraud detection suite
  •       Web-based reporting
  •       Live phone support
  •       Multi-station use

Additional merchant account services available to car lots through FMA, include:

Merchant Cash Advance – If you need money, but want to avoid the red tape of bank loans, FMA can help you get you the funds you need quickly with favorable terms.

Chargeback Shield: Don’t risk having your car lot added to a TMF (terminated merchant file), because of chargebacks, protect your dealership today!

Whether you’re just opening up your first auto dealership, or you own or manage multiple car lots and want more flexible merchant account services with competitive rates, FMA is ready to help you save money.  Fill out the quick contact form and a consultant will be in touch, or just give us a call:  1-855-246-8640.

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