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Supplements Nutraceuticals Merchant Account Services

Supplements Nutraceuticals Merchant Account Services

Supplements Nutraceuticals Merchant Account

Nutraceuticals & Supplements Merchant Account Services and Payment Gateway

If you are experienced in the industry, you are aware that obtaining a nutraceuticals & supplements merchant account is not the easiest to obtain.  As the popularity of herbal supplements increases, we have experience in dealing with the potential billing issues when customers are set up with recurring payments.  We can help you set up merchant account recurring billing along with ACH service.  We will also help to keep your chargeback levels in line using the best tools in the industry along with our Nutraceuticals Merchant Account payment gateway.  We will help to grow your business and enable you to offer your customers the most convenient payment processing options.  Call us today for more information:  1-855-313-9263.

As you may know, herbal supplement and nutraceutical businesses are categorized as “high risk” merchants by many processing banks. Factors that determine a merchant’s level of risk include: what you sell, how your product is promoted and delivered, chargeback levels, and your credit history. That’s where an experienced merchant account provider can help.

FreeMerchantAccounts.com has helped herbal supplement businesses obtain safe, cost-effective merchant accounts since 1995. Our global banking partners are able to offer nutraceutical businesses lower credit card processing rates than many other processors.

Whether you need a payment gateway, ACH service set-up for your online store, or a merchant account terminal for your retail business, there are no up-front fees.  If you have a storefront, all credit card terminals are now required to be EMV-compliant.  This is the technology where the terminal reads the chip in the card instead of swiping the magnetic stripe.  All of our terminals are EMV and NFC compliant.  NFC  gives you the ability to accept ApplePay and other smartphone payment methods.

Different merchants have different needs. For example, if you have an herbal supplement eCommerce store, you may be charged a slightly higher rate because you process “card not present” transactions. FMA’s eCommerce solution features competitive rates and no upfront licensing fee!

  •       Simple application
  •       Fast approval
  •       Recurring billing for ACH and Credit Card Payments
  •       The latest wireless and mobile payments technology for retail

FMA’s full-service Nutraceuticals Merchant Account Services

In addition to credit card processing, FMA has a number of other beneficial merchant programs, such as chargeback protection, which protects your ability to accept credit card payments, showing you methods to keep your chargeback levels in line.

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If you’re tired of the high rates and hidden fees, contact us today for a FREE rate analysis. Let us show you how much money you can save – and get free set-up.

To get reliable, cost-effective Nutraceuticals & Supplements Merchant Account Solutions, contact FMA Today!  Call now, or fill out our easy contact form:  1-855-313-9263.

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