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Free EMV & NFC Merchant Accounts Terminals for Taverns & Bars

Free EMV & NFC Merchant Accounts Terminals for Taverns & Bars

Free EMV & NFC Merchant Accounts

FreeMerchantAccounts.com (FMA) is offering taverns & bars merchant account services that include FREE EMV & NFC terminals and POS systems.  The deadline for having EMV-compatible credit card processing terminals was October 2015. Is your bar compliant?  Let our experts lower your processing rates and give you a new state-of-the-art POS system, for free.

As of October 2015, bars and taverns that accept credit cards, but don’t have credit card machines equipped with special EMV chip readers that can read the data embedded in EMV smart cards or mobile devices are now liable for any losses as a result of fraudulent transactions.

The benefits of having EMV terminals in your taverns or bars include lower credit card fraud risk and fewer chargebacks due to counterfeit or stolen credit cards (which is a constant threat with magnetic strip cards).

FMA is giving taverns & bars a head start by offering free EMV terminals, worth as much as $795!

All FMA terminals also feature near-field communication (NFC) technology. While EMV terminals allows for “contact” payments (with PIN or signature), NFC readers enable “contactless” transactions, where a customer waves a card, enabled mobile device, or smartphone to pay (these mobile payment systems include Apple Pay and Google Wallet).

FMA is an experienced leader in the merchant account services industry. We work with taverns & bars of all sizes and we have longstanding relationships with banks that provide businesses of all types with secure, reliable credit card processing solutions at the best rates available.

Other FMA Merchant Account Services:

Chargeback Protection – Chargebacks can cost your business a lot of money. Even a relatively low chargeback ratio can result in you losing the ability to accept credit cards. Protect your bar today with FMA’s Chargeback Protection program!

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Switch & Save Today!

If you already have a merchant account to process credit cards at your tavern, there’s a good chance we can lower your current rates and fees. Contact us for a free rate analysis and learn how much you can save with FMA.

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EMV & NFC terminals provide customers of taverns & bars with a secure payment environment. Get your terminal FREE, as well as cost-effective and dependable merchant account services. Contact FMA today!

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