Free Merchant Account Services Adult Novelties Toys Lingerie

We offer the most competitive pricing and the best merchant account services for adult novelties, toys & lingerie stores.  We have spent the time searching for the right processors and have them.  We understand your business and want to help you!  With, not only do we make the set-up easy, you get a free terminal or POS system to run transactions in your business!

Unfortunately, many banks won’t set up a merchant account for adult businesses, because they deem them as high risk, due to the perceived controversial nature of the industry and age restrictions involved with the sale of adult novelties and toys.

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Merchant Account Services for Dating Matchmaking Services

Finding good singles, dating & matchmaking business merchant account services is a lot like going on a date: the more information you have beforehand, the more likely you are to end up with a match made in heaven. Experience also helps. (FMA) has being introducing dating websites to cost-effective credit card processing and related solutions for more than 20 years. That experience comes in handy when it comes to high risk merchant accounts.

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Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Merchant Account Services

We have been servicing marijuana-related businesses since 2010. Once we found the first available solution and were able to assist a dispensary owner with their non-cash payment needs, I realized then it is an area where we should focus and always be on top of the laws and especially our ability to continue medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary merchant account services .  The one solution which has been solid for us and our many customers has been the Point of Banking (POB) solution.  Call us today to discuss payment options for your dispensary:  1-855-246-8640.

Being involved in the marijuana industry, you are aware of the difficulty of obtaining basic services like checking accounts, merchant accounts and other banking services.  The banks are still hesitant to service marijuana dispensaries because of the unfair classification of marijuana as a dangerous drub by the federal government.  The ability to process non-cash payments should not be a luxury for a business owner.  We have dedicated ourselves to providing dispensary owners with all possible processing solutions available in the marketplace at any given time.


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