Vape Shop Merchant Account Services & Internet Vaporizer Sales

If you are in need of retail vape shop merchant account services or are in search of an Internet vaporizer sales merchant account, we have the quickest approvals, best merchant solutions and we give away free merchant account terminals like candy.  Choose from the latest free terminals, POS Machines or payment gateways for your vape business.  No application fee either – call us today and check out our rates:  1-855-246-8640.

Because vape and e-cigarette sales now face many of the same restrictions and regulations as tobacco merchants, banks have classified the industry as “high risk,” and are reluctant to help you accept credit cards at your business. Continue reading “Vape Shop Merchant Account Services & Internet Vaporizer Sales”

Free POS Systems for Restaurants – EMV NFC Compliant

We are offering Free POS systems for restaurants and bars along with the best rates in the industry.  We have partnered with the best solution providers in the industry and have decades of experience helping businesses like yours.  The POS systems are easy to learn, but deliver full solutions, including including inventory control, tracking employee time clock and managing all of your payments needs. If you have a POS you are happy with, but want better rates and personal service, call us today:  1-855-246-8640.

FMA’s customized POS systems for restaurants, powered by Harbortouch, feature the most advanced retail and merchant account POS hardware and software solutions available today. Your free FMA POS  integrated system transcends your standalone POS cash register. Enjoy in-depth reporting capabilities, such as the ability to take customer orders, quickly process credit card and debit card transactions, and enhanced payroll management functions. Harbortouch systems also allow you to take inventory and order supplies effortlessly. Continue reading “Free POS Systems for Restaurants – EMV NFC Compliant”

Merchant Account Services for Dating Matchmaking Services

Finding good singles, dating & matchmaking business merchant account services is a lot like going on a date: the more information you have beforehand, the more likely you are to end up with a match made in heaven. Experience also helps. (FMA) has being introducing dating websites to cost-effective credit card processing and related solutions for more than 20 years. That experience comes in handy when it comes to high risk merchant accounts.

Continue reading “Merchant Account Services for Dating Matchmaking Services”